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MayaBrain is a grassroots media project which hosts a weekly podcast and serves multiple blog and video contributors from all over the world. Talking about anything and everything from philosophy to breaking news this is a human platform without the unnecessary corporate influence which is tainting so much of our modern media. Explore the movement, get involved and contribute.

Free World Conversation.





The MayaBrain Podcast regularly features one host in Thailand and another in Colombia as they interview, discuss and chat to interesting guests they have met and know throughout the world.


Spanning continents to bring you some of the best quality grassroots media available, the Podcasts negate multiple time zones and distances of many thousands of miles.


Our blog plays host to contributors from all over the world who can choose to write about anything they wish, bringing fresh ideas or alternative perspectives to our readers.


MayaBrain will be bringing you a Video channel over the next few months where short documentaires and live podcasts will be aired.


If you would like to be involved with MayaBrain please feel free to contact us with details of your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.


Featured Picks




Explores the story of 2013 and where it has left us while we turn to face a new year



Chris heads for Cuba!!



Podcast #8


Catch up with our Interview with Thai film star Little Fox.


Pintrest @mayabrain


Pictures from all over the world, including this one of Buddhist monks bathing in a holy waterfall.

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